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Diligent St. Louis Attorney Takes a Holistic Approach to Divorce

Protecting your dignity and providing a process that promotes healing

If you have decided to dissolve your marriage, your divorce process should focus on the future, moving you closer to goals for your financial security and personal happiness. Unfortunately, divorce can often be a contentious process where parties dig in and re-fight old battles. At Lotus Law, we seek to avoid adversarial tactics that do further damage, when our clients would be best served with a cooperative process that heals and allows them to move on. Our holistic approach to divorce preserves your rights and advances your goals for the next phase of your life, while serving your needs as a whole person.

Empowering clients to make sound decisions on a range of divorce issues

One of our core values at Lotus Law is mindful and productive communication. In the context of divorce, this means sensitivity to your full range of legal, financial, and personal concerns and a commitment to giving you the information necessary to make the best decisions possible. It also means being accessible and responsive throughout the process, so you can have answers when you need them.

Our core principles are evident in how we help clients understand pertinent issues and move productively forward. Major issues confronting parties to divorce include:

  • Division of marital assets and debts — Missouri is an equitable distribution state, so the law requires assets and debts to be divided in a manner that is fair, but not necessarily equal. Issues often arise related to debt that one spouse has taken out, but for which both would be responsible. Resolving debt issues equitably is a key factor in establishing financial security for your life after divorce.
  • Spousal support — Dependent spouses are eligible for temporary support during the divorce process and may obtain an order for alimony when the divorce is finalized. The court considers many factors when deciding if support is appropriate, how much support should be ordered, and for how long support should be paid. Whether you pay or receive alimony, it is a critical issue for your future finances.
  • Child support — Children are entitled to financial support from both parents. How much a parent must pay depends on the income of both parents, the amount of time each parent provides a residence for the children, and how many children the couple has.
  • Sale or possession of the marital home — For most couples, the family home is their most substantial asset, and awarding the home to one spouse could create a hardship for the other. But the family home is more than a financial asset; maintaining the home provides stability for your children and could limit the negative impact of your divorce on them. For these reasons, the decision to sell the home or award possession to one spouse is complex, and any negotiations over this issue require competent management.

When you retain our services for your divorce, you have our full commitment to resolving your issues capably in a manner that advances your goals for the future.

Healing and moving on with an uncontested divorce

For many of our divorce clients, a cooperative divorce process that avoids unnecessary confrontation is preferable. We use traditional negotiation and mediation to help clients achieve an uncontested divorce, saving them time, stress, and expense. When spouses cooperate throughout the divorce process, they can get closure on lingering emotional issues. They can also rebuild a measure of trust necessary to effectively co-parent their children. The process of working toward an uncontested divorce is a great example of what we mean by holistic practice of law.

Contact a diligent St. Louis attorney for a holistic approach to divorce

At Lotus Law, we provide quality divorce representation that protects your rights, advances your goals, and provides an opportunity for healing. To schedule a free consultation, call us at 314-896-3782 or contact our office online. We are located in the heart of downtown St. Louis, at 1409 Washington Avenue, just five blocks west of the America’s Center Convention Complex.

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